Rights For Fathers with Children Up for Adoption

Whether you knew the baby was coming or discovered around the time of birth that you fathered a baby, this is life-altering news. If it comes as a surprise, a new father might have a whole range of emotions and worries suddenly placed on his shoulders. Having to take in that announcement only to learn that the baby has actually been placed for adoption could be distressing.

Does the father have any rights? Here we will discuss what options a father might have and how having a chat with a family law practice like Cordell & Cordell might provide more insight.

What about the father’s consent?

In the case of unmarried fathers, it is not uncommon for an agency to put a rush to finalize an adoption. This practice can alienate the father, which can cause him to not have a say before it is too late. The biological father has the same rights to a child as a mother but it is possible that the adoption can go through without explicit consent from the father.

What can a father do if his child is placed against his will?

There are 33 states across the US that have father registries. These are in place for a man to register as the father of a baby. If the father is not on the list or is in a state that does not have one, he will need to gain parental rights. Included in that process is establishing paternity and being a committed parent to the baby in question. These rights will include objecting to an adoption.

Depending on where you live and the situation with the maternal parent, a father in this situation could be looking at a legal battle ahead. Getting parental rights to halt adoptions can be overwhelming. Having expertise such as the Cordell & Cordell team behind you would help make the process better.

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