How To Choose the Suitable Novel for Your Child?


When buying a novel or a storybook for your child, select the books that suit your child. You might want to read the book before purchasing it. Children’s novels have a small volume that you can easily read in a few hours. Novels will help your child in grammar and sentence structure, so ensure to choose a child-certified and interesting book such as Daniel Handler Poison for Breakfast author. Here are highlights to help you choose the best novel for your child.

Know What Your Child Loves

Children have taste, just like adults. If your child loves adventures, she will possibly love an adventurous novel. Your child can have a different taste in reading from you. Therefore, as you select a story, choose what your child can love reading.

Check on The Sentence Structure

Ensure the sentences are short and grammatically correct. Children understand simple sentence structures compared to complex sentences. Also, check on the weight of the vocabulary used. Books for children should have a few new words that your child can look at in the dictionary. However, books stuffed with jargon are boring to kids.

The Title of The Novel

The novel should create curiosity for your child. For instance, the author Daniel Handler creates lots of interesting questions for the readers. The child will want to know why someone will choose poison for breakfast, or importantly, why.

Check The Language

The language used in the novel should be children friendly. Look at whether the book has mature content or is ‘under 18’. Despite the exposure to adult content in the media, purchase a book suitable for children. When choosing the appropriate language, remember to see if the writer uses descriptive language in their stories. Proper description creates imagery in your child’s mind and helps them visualize the whole story.

The Font and Paragraphs

Choose a legible font for your book. Tiny fonts make children think that the book is for adults. Purchase a book with the proper font for better readability. Also, check on the paragraph intervals and word spacing. Short paragraphs with proper word spacing are suitable for kids.

Choose from the best authors and consider your child’s favorite activity when choosing the proper novel. Check on the paragraph and word spacing. Large fonts will encourage your child to read. Also, the book’s title should encourage your child to read it.

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