4 Ways to Make the Most of a U-shaped Kitchen Layout

There are many different kitchen layouts you can consider. The U-shaped kitchen layout is a brilliant idea for your home. This option is preferred because you get a lot of room to cook and store all your kitchen essentials. It makes use of the walls on all three sides of the kitchen and provides ample space to create your countertops and cabinets. You just have to ensure that you design the space properly. If you are not sure about how to design your U-shaped kitchen and make the most of the space, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 04 Organising smartly

Proper organisation is the key to an appealing and functional kitchen design. Every item should be positioned carefully keeping every aspect in your mind. The first things that require your attention are the refrigerator, hob, and sink. You will have to create the work triangle using these items so that working in the kitchen becomes more comfortable. According to the work triangle, these three items should be placed in a manner that when you move between these three points in a straight line, the path forms a triangle. It will also ensure that more than one person can work in the kitchen easily. Besides these three items, you will have to pay attention to other things as well. For instance, the placement of the dishwasher should always be close to the sink. This will make the plumbing work easier. Similarly, your utensils storage and kitchen towels should be positioned nearby. The drawers and cabinets near the hob should be large enough to store large pans and woks. Taking them out while cooking will be easier. There are many such small aspects that require your attention so that you can make the most of your U-shaped kitchen.

02 of 04 Increase efficiency

Increasing efficiency in the kitchen will make your life easier. As mentioned earlier, you must always create the work triangle so that working in the kitchen becomes easier. However, you can further increase the efficiency of the space by making the sink the centre point. This is because whenever you take the veggies out of your fridge for cooking, you will have to wash them. With the sink just next to it, the task will get very easy and fast. Similarly, the sink might be used time and again when you are cooking any delicious meal. If the sink is right next to your hob, you will not feel like you are running around in the kitchen while cooking. This will help to save a lot of time and effort.

03 of 04 Make the space brighter

Since the U-shaped kitchen makes use of all three sides of the kitchen, the space can feel enclosed.  If it has a closed layout, the interiors can appear poorly lit. As a result, your kitchen decor can appear dull and boring. Working in a poorly lit kitchen can be difficult as well since you will not be able to see clearly. To make the space more appealing and functional, you will have to make it brighter. This is not a very difficult task. A simple trick like choosing light colours can make the interiors brighter. This is because lighter colours reflect more light than darker colours. Also, a bright space appears larger than its actual size. The best colour you can choose for this purpose is white. However, many people avoid this colour because it gets dirty very fast. If you do not have free time to maintain an all-white kitchen, it is better to avoid one and choose other bright colours.

04 of 04 Opt for an open layout

As mentioned earlier, a U-shaped kitchen has countertops and cabinets on all three sides. Hence, only one side stays free. Many people install a door on the fourth wall to connect the kitchen to the rest of the home. Although installing a door is perfectly fine, the kitchen will appear very compact when you have walls on all four sides. To make the space appear bigger, opt for an open kitchen layout. As a result, the fourth wall will disappear and the island or one of the platforms will separate the kitchen from the dining space. This will certainly open up the space and make your kitchen decor appear larger. Also, more natural light and fresh air can enter your kitchen interiors. However, you will have to ensure that the smoke and smell in the kitchen do not travel to the rest of the house. A chimney is essential to ensure that smoke and smells are passed out of the kitchen to the outside.

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