Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Never leave the walls completely empty when decorating the interiors. The walls have a huge impact on the overall look and leaving them empty will make the room decor fall flat. There are plenty of wall decor ideas you can come up with to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space. While some are quite complex and expensive, others are quite simple and economical. You can make the decision depending on your budget and preferences.

With so many possibilities at hand, you are only limited to your imagination. Even simple and small additions can have a huge impact on your room design. You just have to ensure that the interior wall design matches your home design. Whether you love nature, artwork, or abstract designs, you can always find wall decoration ideas you will love. If you are not sure about your wall decor, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Hang large artwork on the wall

You must have seen beautiful large artwork hanging on walls in movies. They look amazing and enhance the beauty of the space. However, even though you cannot buy artwork by renowned painters, you can always buy good-quality duplicates to beautify your home. Choose a stunning piece to make it the focal point of the room. If it features a lot of colours, make sure the rest of the colours in the room complement them. You can always install spotlights to keep the wall decor highlighted. Opt for landscapes or portraits for traditional setups and colours and abstract paintings for contemporary living room designs.

02 of 06 Create a beautiful gallery on the wall

As mentioned above, a large stunning piece will enhance the appeal of your room. However, you can always consider opting for small pieces if you feel that a large piece will become too overwhelming for the interiors. Hanging small paintings in groups will give you the opportunity to create a beautiful gallery on the wall. Besides paintings, you can add portraits or photographs as well to your wall gallery as well. Make sure you choose paintings and photographs of different shapes and sizes for an appealing look. People with a small home design can create a gallery reaching all the way to the ceiling for making the space appear larger.

03 of 06 Paint a beautiful accent wall

A coat of paint is applied to the wall in most Indian homes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home decor. However, instead of painting all the walls a solid colour, an accent wall is created by painting the wall with a bold and contrasting colour. If you hire skilled experts for the designer walls for your home, they will be able to create various textured painting designs that will add more visual interest to the interiors. One of the biggest benefits of choosing an accent wall is that there are innumerous designs you can come up with for the wall. Also, painting the wall helps to keep it protected. However, make sure you choose eco-friendly paints that do not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

04 of 06 Decorate with fabric

If you do not want complicated tasks, consider decorating the wall with fabric. Something as simple as hanging a tapestry on the wall can make a huge difference in your interior decor. You can easily find tapestries in many different colours, designs, and patterns. Make sure you carefully choose an option that complements the theme of your home decor. Using a fabric will help to add more comfort and softness to the setup. Pretty textiles or vintage scarves are great for enhancing the beauty of your interior wall design.

05 of 06 Bright up the interiors with mirrors

People with small home designs can benefit from this wall decoration technique significantly. Since mirrors reflect light, they make the interiors appear brighter. You can hang it near a window as well so that more natural light enters indoors. Moreover, the reflection formed in the mirror helps to make any space appear larger than its actual size. Hence, people can make small rooms appear bigger using mirrors. Depending on your choice, you can either hang a large mirror on the wall or lots of small ones to create a small wall gallery. Choosing mirrors of different shapes and sizes will make the designer wall of your home appear more interesting.

06 of 06 Bring in plants

Modern home designs are focused more on bringing plants indoors. This is because plants help to make the residents feel closer to nature. Although you can always add potted plants to the home design, creating a beautiful wall-hanging garden is a great idea as well. Although making and maintaining it might be a little more complicated than potted plants, the stunning look makes it worth the effort.

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