Verger Champetre – the Enchanting Site You should Not Miss Out On

Verger Champetre is the brain child of the amazing couple Therese and Mario who have collected vast range of ideas and plans over the past several years. Verger Champetre is an ultimate spot that is designed and developed in Granby Quebec region. The concept of promenade alpaga has become exceptionally popular amongst one and all and has garnered great recognition in a short span of time. It is a well known fact that Quebec is a popular tourist location that brings thousands and thousands of people from all across the world. It is a fun and entertainment city that people prefer to go with. While the place hustles and bustles with fun activities, it also has got some exceptionally serene and beautiful tourist spots promenade alpaga like Verger Champetre which takes you to a whole new world altogether.

Verger Champetre

Verger Champetre is one tourist spot that you should never miss out on. It is based on the promenade alpaga and has gained popularity all across the world for its splendid experience. It is a place that offers for a 3Km trail where people get to meet and walk with over 250 animals that are scattered all across the region. It has got around 3000 apple trees, 15000 Christmas trees and over 1000 products to offer. The petting zoo is a major hit. It has also got extensive vegetable gardens containing various plant ranges at one go.

Interpretation centre for life on farm

It has also got a vast interpretation centre about life on farm that takes you through each and every minute details in a thorough manner. It opens up your knowledge about how everything co-exists and provides for a out of the world kind of experience for one and all. It is definitely something that one should not miss out on if they want to gain an out of the world kind of experience.

Activities for kids

Verger Champetre provides for extensive range of activities for kids through games, park activities, inflated objects and much more. It provides for many different types and sizes of Christmas trees. It also provides kids with the opportunity to take a stroll across the region with some of the animals which is sure to excite them.

It also keeps adding some new activities and experiences from time to time so that one can manage to get the ultimate kind of experience out of it at one go.

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