The 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Photographer

When it comes to capturing memories that will last a lifetime, nothing beats family photography. Capturing the love and laughter of your family is an incredibly special thing, and hiring a professional Family Photographer is the best way to make sure that the job is done right.

However, with so many photographers out there to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve put together a list of questions that will help you make the best decision possible!

The Questions You Should Ask:

1.    Do you have a portfolio that I can see?

When looking at a photographer’s work, it’s important to make sure that their style is a good fit for what you’re looking for. Ask to see a portfolio of their previous work, and pay attention to the details in each photo.

2.    What is your experience with family photography?

You’ll want to make sure that the photographer you hire has plenty of experience photographing families. Ask about their previous clients and see if they have any testimonials from happy customers.

3.    How would you describe your photography style?

Different photographers have different styles, so it’s important to find one whose work you enjoy. Do you want traditional posed portraits, or are you looking for something a little more relaxed and candid? Do you prefer color photos or black and white? Asking about their photography style will help you get a better sense of whether or not they’re the right fit for you.

4.    What do you charge for your services?

Be sure to ask about the photographer’s pricing before making a commitment. Get a breakdown of what exactly is included in their fee, and make sure that it aligns with your budget. Also, ask about any additional costs that may not be included in their initial quote.

5.    When will we receive the finished photos?

You’ll want to know how long it will take to receive the finished product so that you can plan accordingly. Ask the photographer for an estimated timeline and find out if they offer rush services for an additional fee.

6.    What is your policy on retouching and editing?

Some photographers offer retouching and editing services as part of their package, while others charge extra for it. If you’re hoping to have your photos edited, be sure to ask about this before booking.

2.    Do you have any experience photographing (a specific type of event)?

If you’re looking to hire a photographer for a specific type of event, such as a wedding or graduation, it’s important to make sure that they have experience with that particular type of photography. Ask about their previous work and see if they have any samples of their event photography.


Choosing a family photographer is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. By asking the right questions and doing your research, you can find the perfect photographer to capture your family’s memories.

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