Surprising Stats About Lauren Newman Family Photography

The best part of Lauren Newman Family Photography is creating memories that may outlast your children’s memories. The precious moments caught in a picture are everlasting, and having the photo to look back on can continue to bring joy for years to come, especially when some of the most important faces are no longer with them.

Family Photography is a growing industry

Lauren Newman Family Photography is a growing industry as more families take on the task of preserving their images. Whether you are looking to create a lasting memory or display your family in style, there are many possible ways to go about it.

Growing up with parents who were avid photographers was a blessing. Their family has thousands of framed photographs and albums that were not only the centerpiece of our living room but also the source of inspiration for many family outings. I often found myself wondering how all these cherished moments ended up in individual frames on our mantle and walls. As I dug deeper into the process I realized that creating a lasting memory is more than just pointing, clicking, and popping out prints at the local drug store. It is an art that involves composition, lighting, props, and much more.

Family photography is becoming increasingly popular as more parents opt to capture their children’s unique personalities and growth through photographs rather than traditional baby books. Once considered complicated, most individuals can now take quality images with point-and-shoot cameras that cost less than $100. Digital cameras and photo printers are readily available at retail stores such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart, making taking photos and getting them printed out almost effortless.

Technology for family photography

Technology has changed the way we capture our family’s memories in a big way. Once upon a time, you’d have to rely on your skills to make sure that everyone was smiling and looking at the camera at the right moment. Nowadays there are all sorts of digital photography tools that use software and a built-in camera to help you get the best possible shot. These tools take certain aspects that used to be the photographer’s responsibility and make them automatic.

The first type of tool is called a self-timer, which allows you to take a picture after a few seconds delay. The most basic ones are just controlled by pushing a button, but more advanced models also allow you to set how long before the picture is taken that it will begin counting down. This is great for kids because if they don’t see the camera in advance, they won’t try to pose and look at it instead they’ll just keep doing their thing and you’ll get an authentic shot of them being themselves without any preplanning or prompting from you.

Another type of tool is called an intervalometer, which takes pictures at regular intervals so you can create time-lapse videos or stop motion videos. This can be good for kids who are playing or running around the park.

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