5 Sports & Activities You Can Enjoy Anywhere Around The World

Having a sport or activity that you can enjoy abroad isn’t just a way to enhance your travelling experience but it can be a way to define it. Those individuals who are taken by the thrill of winter sports won’t simply bring their skis along with them when journeying abroad, instead, the skis will decide exactly where they go, be it the heights of Switzerland or the majestic slopes of British Columbia.

This can be an appealing aspect of sports and activities since they become hobbies that not only have benefits to health but also lifestyle, encouraging friends to travel to new places and to share exciting experiences. And, if you have an activity that suits many environments and climates, then your destination list can be just about anywhere!

If you’re looking to pick up such a sport or activity, we’re sharing six of the best, each of which can be enjoyed as a solo endeavour or with friends and family.


Not only is running an exceptional activity that can be enjoyed anywhere on the planet but it is one that won’t overload your luggage too. Very little is needed to pick up running and the rewards are numerous. In addition to the physical and mental health benefits of running, it can also take you across many incredible landscapes, which is how many runners choose their next destination. Some will be drawn to explore the vast expanses of North America while others will want to test themselves in the Athens Marathon.


Whether you prefer a low-impact activity or simply feel more at home in the water, swimming is another great activity that can be easily taken across the globe. Almost every city on earth will offer a publicly accessible swimming pool. However, it is wild swimming that will be even more satisfying if you want to travel, since this will enable you to explore new bodies of water in environments totally unlike your local lake or shore.


An activity that has taken off over the past decade, paddleboarding is an exciting activity that almost everyone can get involved with. Gliding over bodies of water steered by your own paddle not only allows you to explore new environments, seeing them from a unique perspective, but it welcomes those of all physical abilities. And, since every country has its own amazing, even less explored, lakes and shores to discover, it is ideal for avid travellers.


It might be that, instead of water, it is the altitude that takes your fancy and, if this is the case, then climbing is for you. There are locations across the world that draw climbers annually, offering the chance of an amazing vista and the sense of accomplishment for reaching a new height.


Finding a new and stunning drop zone is all part of the skying diving experience. Many countries will boast that they have some of the most beautiful drop zones, offering endless opportunities and thrills to an avid skydiver. Little equipment is needed to travel, making this a very easy activity to take abroad.

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