About Me

My babies & I. 
I'm a single mom to two amazing kiddos & a high school teacher to many more. I was married for five years (together for nine) to the man I thought I'd spend my life with, but sadly, his addictions made that impossible.  After spending a year finding myself, healing, praying, and getting my feet back under me, I've entered the world of dating.  Follow me on my journey of life after divorce.  

I believe in baby led weaning, cloth diapered little butts, standing up for what's right, and trusting yourself.  I enjoy the simple things in life & have faith in the Lord.  I am a book junkie, junk food loving, laid back kind of girl.  I enjoy organizing things way more than I should & spend many nights addicted to pinterest.

I have bachelor's degree in Secondary Education Mild/Moderate Disabilities and a master's degree in Secondary Education Literacy.  I began blogging as a way to document my first pregnancy and connect with other moms.  I now blog to stay connected to the fabulous moms that I've met, review and giveaway some of the greatest products on the market, and keep myself sane.  I currently reside in the midwest and spend my time playing, laughing, eating, reading, and hanging out with my amazing family and friends.