Making a comback.



That's how long it's been since I've blogged. Ooops!


BUT! I've been living life.  Focusing on the kids, myself, my work.  It's been great!

This summer I finally traveled out of the country for the first time!  I was extremely nervous.  I may have even emailed my parents my "last will and testament" thinking the plane was going to go down over the ocean.  Yeah, I was scared.  However, all ended well & I had a blast!

We (more on the other half of "we" later - SMILE!) traveled to Cozumel for six days and it was GLORIOUS!  We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, snorkeled to our hearts content, and traveled into the Yucatan to see the Mayan ruins.

I believe there will be a lot more traveling in my future.  In fact, my next big plans include Disney for the kids in the next two years & another adult trip to St. Lucia sometime as well.  Little man is so excited for Disney that he insists he has enough money to go "right now."  Hehe, poor kid....but what a sweetheart to want to pay for the trip.

The kids have been wonderful!  I was able to spend all summer (gotta love teaching) with my babies & I tell you what, it never gets any easier leaving them to go back to work.  I didn't want Thaddeus to attend Kindergarten yet (he's such a young 5) so both kiddos are attend St. Paul's (early childhood center) and they are LOVING it!  We've been blessed to have received a scholarship to help pay for their tuition, otherwise it would have never been an option.

So overall, lots of good things around these parts and I cannot wait to start sharing them all with you again.  This weekend the kids, the new guy, my family & I are heading out to either the local orchard or berry patch for some fall fun.  We also have to finish up our Halloween decorations and Thaddeus' costume.  Oh!  And if you have a Marcus theatre near you, be sure to check out their throwback movies this month.  Last weekend, the kids were able to see The Little Mermaid for the first time ever in theatre & this weekend I'm hoping to get them in to see 101 Dalmations.  It is so much fun being able to share these classics I loved as a kid with my little ones.

So for now, I'm signing off, but with high hopes and lots of updates ahead!

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  1. Welcome back :) So glad to hear that you are doing well.


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